Market challenges and TEBC's solutions to them.

The Challenge:- To reduce the cost of acquiring office space
Getting good quality office space at a good price is always a challenge, especially in a city like Mumbai. To further compound the high 'per square foot' rental rates, these rates are inclusive of areas in the office that are often unwanted and can even be classified as 'unproductive areas' (such as common passages, toilets, reception areas, pantry areas, etc.) thus enhancing the cost of acquiring quality office space.
Our Solution
TEBC offers flexible and customizable solutions to suit our clients exact and specific requirements. Our clients Pay only for what they use – Only for the 'productive spaces that their workstations occupy.' Unlike in conventional office spaces, with us, all 'waste areas' are drastically reduced as they are 'shared' amongst the many clients using the centre thus reducing every clients individual cost.

The Challenge- The Lack of an option to sublease space one has already leased
Most commercial contracts strictly disallow space leased out to a certain party from being further sub leased by them to any other party (very often even to their own subsidiary and/or affiliate companies). This often leads to one paying out large, fixed, monthly rents very often for areas and spaces that are not being fully used by them and which they would ideally like to part with.
Our Solution
At TEBC, we charge our clients only for the office space that their workstations utilise, thus making sure they are not charged for unused, under used and unutilized space. We offer our clients the highest levels of flexibility by offering them the option of upgrading and downsizing their workspace, even in the middle of an existing/ongoing contract. Thus, the very need to sublease space, in order to cut costs, is done away with.

The Challenge:- Lack of availability of capital to set up a new office / branch office
Setting up a new office requires a significant amount of capital investment (in IT Systems, furniture's, fit outs, etc). The immediate availability of such funds can be a challenge for many companies, especially for start ups.
Our Solution
We provide fully furnished 'plug & play' offices where you do not have to worry about any capital expenditure. You can start your office in a matter of hours and let us take care of your requirements.

The Challenge:- Lack of availability of credit
Commercial leave and licence agreements typically involve the lessee giving the lessor a refundable security deposit equivalent to full year's rent. This is a financial strain and often requires the lessee to avail of credit facilities from his bank.
Our Solution
You do not require any credit facilities for us to provide you with office space. We do not ask you for huge payments, and we charge minimum refundable deposits from you. We charge you for the services that you use and you pay us only for them. Hence, TEBC offers you a convenient and easy way to start or to expand your office.

The Challenge:- Numerous problems and complexities in subleasing of commercial space
There are many legalities, complexities, risks and procedures involved in the subleasing of the commercial space. A commercial space that a client has signed up for cannot be sublet easily and hence the client ends up paying rent even for the unused space.
Our Solution
What we offer is a customized solution as per your requirement. Meaning, you pay for the space that you are actually going to use and not for a space requirement you may have in the future. We provide upgrade options which means you can move to a larger office, even in the middle of your existing contract, if your employee strength increases. We do not provide the option of sub leasing but help you to maximize your space utilisation without paying more

    Where does TEBC fit in

  • For enquiries starting as small as 100 sqft and going up to10,000 sq.ft and above.
  • As an ideal option for start up companies that want to minimise their initial capital investment.
  • For companies that do not want to make a long term lease commitment.
  • For clients that are looking to set up pilot offices.
  • As a stop gap arrangement.
  • For companies that want to have branch offices across the city.
  • For companies looking to have a prestigious business address.

    Concierge Services

  • Attendance Services
  • In house travel desk
  • Mobile phone charging points
  • Mobile plan recharge facilities
  • Check-in kiosk
  • Choice of 1 newspaper daily.
  • Movers & packers
  • Taxi rental services
  • Yellow pages
  • Gift shopping
  • Assistance with company formation
  • Assistance in HR consulting and outsourcing
  • Domain and web hosting
  • Corporate bank account setup
  • Relocation
  • Courier services.
  • Payment of utility bills.