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Why Virtual Offices Are Great For SME Businesses In The Covid-19 Era?

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The Covid-19 pandemic is projected to result in an economic crisis, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen in 100 years. Even the 2008 economic meltdown following the global mortgage crisis in the United States pales in comparison. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the worst hit as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic […]

Top Factors In Selecting A Serviced Office/ Co-Working Space In Mumbai

Serviced Office

Serviced offices and co-working spaces are mushrooming across Mumbai, bringing about a paradigm shift in the office rentals market in the city (and across India, for that matter). Providers like The Empire Business Centres now offer office space seekers a range of alternatives to the traditional office set-ups and thereby almost offering new ways of work.  To avoid […]

5 Tips To Choose The Right Office Space On Rent In Mumbai

Right Office Space

Mumbai is a city of extremes. The “Maximum City”, as writer Suketu Mehta called it, presents the best of many things and dare we say it, even the worst of it. Getting an office space to rent in Mumbai is one such extremity, as your choices can range from the poshest, most expensive office to […]

Corporate Marketing: Use Roundtable/ Meeting-Format Events

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As businesses inevitably commence or continue their digital transformation journeys to be in step with the times, it is only natural that marketing spends of organisations are also increasingly going to digital. This reallocation of marketing budgets in favour of digital often happens at the cost of traditional offline marketing and advertising channels. While there […]

Are Open Office Plans Really Effective?

Open Office

Are open office plans effective in boosting productivity? It has historically been believed that offices that have separators between individual workspaces impede productivity and creativity. Office cubicles are often derided as silos that create impermeable barriers to transparency and communication that are critical to foster teamwork. Open offices have been in vogue in many creative […]

Custom Office Design – Think Modular

custom office design

Thinking of leasing office space for the medium to long term and then do a custom fit-out according to your aesthetic and functional requirements? We feel you are likely to be better served by having a modular office rather than a fixed/permanent fit-out. Many private offices in Mumbai available on rent tend to be fitted-out […]

Rented Boardrooms Great For Interviews & Senior Level Recruitment

rented boardrooms

When the iconic Steve Jobs was interested in hiring someone, the ‘interviews’ generally didn’t happen in the company boardrooms. He reportedly asked the person out for a long walk, during which both parties got to know one another better and evaluate mutual ‘fit’. When major cricket bodies around the world hunt for their head coach […]

Ensure The Right Office Environment For Productive Meetings

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Meetings account for a decent amount of time in an office. Unfortunately, a lot of these meetings are often unproductive and dreaded by the attendees as a waste of time because of poor planning and management. While effective meeting management is a topic by itself, this article will focus on the role of the right office environment […]

Avoid Business Disruption With The Right Office

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Disruption is a popular word today as most technology start-ups aspire to “disrupt” the industry. However, we are talking of disruption of a different kind, one with negative connotations, when business is adversely affected due factors that have nothing to do with business models. In so many cases, the office has a lot to do […]

Empire Business Centres Adds Andheri Centre For Office Space Rentals

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Located within Fulcrum, the ultra-modern commercial landmark in Sahar/Andheri, the new centre offers businesses in the Western Suburbs a choice of ready-to-use and custom-built office space for rent. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Office space provider, The Empire Business Centres, has expanded its workspace offering to the Western suburbs of Mumbai. The company is now offering a […]