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Corporate Marketing: Use Roundtable/ Meeting-Format Events

round table

As businesses inevitably commence or continue their digital transformation journeys to be in step with the times, it is only natural that marketing spends of organisations are also increasingly going to digital. This reallocation of marketing budgets in favour of digital often happens at the cost of traditional offline marketing and advertising channels. While there […]

Rented Boardrooms Great For Interviews & Senior Level Recruitment

rented boardrooms

When the iconic Steve Jobs was interested in hiring someone, the ‘interviews’ generally didn’t happen in the company boardrooms. He reportedly asked the person out for a long walk, during which both parties got to know one another better and evaluate mutual ‘fit’. When major cricket bodies around the world hunt for their head coach […]

Ensure The Right Office Environment For Productive Meetings

productive meetings

Meetings account for a decent amount of time in an office. Unfortunately, a lot of these meetings are often unproductive and dreaded by the attendees as a waste of time because of poor planning and management. While effective meeting management is a topic by itself, this article will focus on the role of the right office environment […]

Video Conference Facility Rental – Business Benefits

video conferencing

Benefit from video conferencing for effective multi-locational meetings As the well-known writer Thomas Friedman wrote in his famous book, The World is Flat, we are living at a time when the world has really become small. Thanks to the digital revolution of the last two to three decades, distances have shrunk and more often than […]