Empire Industries Limited is a 116-year-Old Public Limited Company, a multi-faceted conglomerate with diverse business interests. We are associated with several international partners in each operating division.

Our areas of interest are pursued through autonomous divisions, each headed by an Executive Divisional Director who has an independent charge over his division and reports to the Board of Directors on his performance.

The Board of Directors consists of eminent personalities and is chaired by Mr. Satish Chandra Malhotra who has been at the helm for the past 45 years. During this period, the company has diversified and expanded many folds.

Today, our empire proudly boasts a paid up capital and reserves of Rupees 1825 million and our revalued assets cross the Rupees 16 billion mark.

Our central and administrative offices are located in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Besides this, we have regional offices spread across the country to facilitate market coverage.

We invite you to visit our divisions collectively forming EMPIRE INDUSTRIES LIMITED.

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