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Serviced office space is proving popular with businesses for three main reasons: facilities, flexibility and convenience.  Managing costs is another huge area of advantge , with no capex at all.

Offices are elegantly designed, with well appointed lobby areas, lounge spaces, and a wide variety of meeting rooms that offers a cost effective and flexible solution for companies starting up, those looking for flexible space to expand or those companies requiring offsite project space. Our clients pay only for what they use.

Unlike in conventional office spaces, with us, all ‘waste areas’ are drastically reduced as they are ‘shared’ amongst many clients using the centre thus reducing every clients individual cost

Transparent, ‘no strings’ costs and instant access to facilities and services are just some of the many reasons to choose an office with us . Over the last few years we have perfected this offering and client feedback is testimonial to this.

Below mentioned are some of the key points to note.

  1. Flexible term tenure
  2. Great Addresses
  3. Configurable and secured office spaces
  4. Professionally managed IT Infrastructure
  5. Service standards which are most appreciated by client.

In addition with your office space and furniture below mentioned are the inclusions.

  • A professional motivated office support team.
  • Hi speed internet and telephony system
  • Airconditioning , lighting and electricty charges .
  • Mail receipt services
  • Meeting room credits
  • Security and Housekepping services.
  • Access and use of break out and a well stocked pantry

We at Empire Business centre do not charge members for basic utilities like Water, air conditioning, electricity, and hi speed Internet.

Our offices are designed to offer spaces of varying capacitiites and configrations . We cater to single executive office needs to large office floor requirments which can take hundreds of staff.

We discuss on your business requirements and find the right size office that fits the needs your team.

We will allow you to reconfigure your office layout as well keeping in mind our design standards. We assist you in planning your space requirements and all reconfigurations jobs and present costs for your approval wherever and however necessary.

No matter what type of business you have, we at Empire Business Centre are always glad to welcome for entrepreneurs, freelancers,, start-ups,, small businesses, and large corporations.

We at Empire Business centre keep things completely transparent and clear with clients associated with us.

Charges for optional services and any incidentals are clearly mentioned in your Welcome kit.

Empire Business Centre offer internal branding by allowing you to display your company logo & name in the lobby as well as in your office space.

YOU JUST HAVE TO PLUG AND PLAY! We take care of the rest.

Once you sign your Service Agreement and pay your first invoice, we can set you up your office space and make it ready to use within 3 hours.

Empire Business Centre staff are generally onsite at each location on below mentioned timings

  • Monday to Friday – 08:30 AM – 07:00 PM local time
  • Saturdays from 08:30 am – 05:30 pm
  • For members with Hot Desks & Private Offices, your location is accessible 24/7/365.

Yes you can , our offices  though are fully equipped to meet your specific needs. You may however feel free to make your office to your liking by getting in your own furniture.

We offer you the ability to conduct meetings and day office uses in locations other than your home centre.

Below mentioned is the link & contact details to contact us.