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Avoid Business Disruption With The Right Office

Disruption is a popular word today as most technology start-ups aspire to “disrupt” the industry. However, we are talking of disruption of a different kind, one with negative connotations, when business is adversely affected due factors that have nothing to do with business models. In so many cases, the office has a lot to do with these disruptions, that result in significant losses. The right choice of an office can therefore prevent the draining of that precious resource called time and make a positive impact on the business.

The enormous price of cheap office rentals

Let’s consider some real scenarios to highlight this fact. We’re sure you are aware of many offices in Mumbai that are affected by lack of power/ power disruption, water and Internet connectivity, especially during the summer months. In fact, we know of several so-called IT parks in the Mumbai suburbs suffering from power and water disruptions for hours on end, and staff having to go back home after a long and futile wait.

There are corporate lounges/ business centres in well-developed suburbs like Mulund, for instance, that house businesses that were affected for well over a month due to electrical fires or flooding/water logging. Try putting a figure to the thousands of man-hours in lost productivity because of such disruptions. Can your business afford that?

It is but natural to try and save costs when looking for an office to rent in Mumbai; however, it will be prudent to resist the temptation to opt for a cheap office space that is susceptible to such disruptions. The opportunity costs will simply be several times higher than the saving in office rent.

Business continuity planning starts with office selection

Business continuity planning should not only be for the extreme situations when things go wrong drastically. You can plan and prepare for several aspects of business continuity before you choose an office.

When selecting a serviced private office for rental, it is good to verify the history of the office building. For instance, a commercial business centre in Mulund had 3 major instances of electrical fires in a span of a year some time back. Several floors were completely shut off for a couple of months at a stretch. Wouldn’t you expect any prospective tenant in the building to inquire and wary about such potential issues

Knowing the track record and the preventive measures in place will go a long way in the preparation of your own business continuity plans, over and above whatever might already be available at the business centre.

Here are some of the key things to look out for:

Ease of physical access

Check out the location & access to the office thoroughly and consider whether it is likely to be affected by disruptions. Convenience and preference for staff will always be important but if your prospective office is an area that is prone to natural and man-made disruptions (for example, does the area get flooded when it rains heavily in Mumbai), then you have to seriously reconsider the choice.

Reliable supply of utilities: electricity & water

As mentioned earlier, the lack of power and water can be so immensely frustrating for a business. While many locations in Mumbai are not affected by these issues, the sad truth is that so many other parts are. Find out how prepared the office building is for any such eventuality.

Digital access i.e. Internet connectivity

In the digital era we live in, disruption in Internet connectivity does tend to bring work to a halt. Despite the rapid advances in the telecom space in India and considerably improved connectivity, we do hear of offices talking about not getting things done because “Net is down”. Ensure you rent an office in a building that is not known to have Internet connectivity issues.

Safety & security

Check out the safety and security track record of the building. Have there been any untoward incidents that point to lack of adequate security? What surveillance and access control measures are in place in the building? Does the security guard agency responsible for manning the building have a decent reputation?

Even the best office building may face unexpected problems that are beyond anyone’s control; the objective is to try and preempt the likelihood of such instances with adequate due-diligence before hand. This prior review and planning the right office will be well worth it.

Looking for a high-quality, reliable office to rent in Mumbai? The Empire Business Centre offers a range of options from custom office space and private offices to shared coworking space and even virtual offices at our two business centres in Lower Parel and Andheri. Speak to our workspace consultants to discuss your office space requirements or arrange an office tour. Contact us today.


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