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Custom Office Design – Think Modular

Thinking of leasing office space for the medium to long term and then do a custom fit-out according to your aesthetic and functional requirements? We feel you are likely to be better served by having a modular office rather than a fixed/permanent fit-out.

Many private offices in Mumbai available on rent tend to be fitted-out permanently with built-in furniture and fixtures. This is especially so in the case of offices that are owned by individuals who then rent out the office.

Usually, this is often because the owner designs and builds an office as per his or her needs or expectations and then ends up not using the office, but renting it out instead. In many cases that we know, owners spend a significant amount of money on the interior decorations for the office and building customized tables, shelves etc. They often run into trouble when they choose to or have to rent out the office space instead of being able to use it for their own purposes.

The prospective tenant may have a different set of requirements or may not like certain aspects of the fully fitted-out office. In such a case, the owner is left with only one of two options: either accommodate the requests of the prospective owner while absorbing the cost of making alterations or reject the prospective tenant. Either way, it is not ideal for the office owner.

Similarly, there are several advantages for the tenant to rent out an office that doesn’t have a layout, furniture and fixtures. For one, having a modular office where different units can be easily assembled or disassembled makes the process of moving into an office a lot faster. Once you have the idea of your desired office layout, you can have most of the office equipment purchased off-the-shelf at leading furniture retailers.

Besides the speed at which such an office can be set up, the other advantage is the flexibility it lends a business. Imagine you would like to accommodate more people within the same office space, all it would take is some readjustment and moving around of the modular furniture instead of having to hunt for a bigger office again. This flexibility with a modular and custom-designed office affords you the luxury of scaling up and down as per the business requirements.

Lastly, we have realised that modular office furniture tends to be a lot cheaper than building custom office desks and tables. Some interior designers may argue that there are limitations to what you can get with off-the-shelf furniture from an aesthetic perspective; however, in our experience the standard and quality of off-the-shelf modular office furniture have become good enough to provide high-quality aesthetics.

At Empire Business Centre, we do offer tenants the option to rent unfurnished office space in Mumbai that can be custom-fitted as per a tenant’s requirements as well rent private offices. Get in touch today with one of our office space consultants to discuss your specific requirements


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