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Video Conference Facility Rental – Business Benefits

Benefit from video conferencing for effective multi-locational meetings

As the well-known writer Thomas Friedman wrote in his famous book, The World is Flat, we are living at a time when the world has really become small. Thanks to the digital revolution of the last two to three decades, distances have shrunk and more often than not, they don’t matter at all. With the communication technology available today, the modern organisation cuts across geographic and time-zone constraints. Video conferencing has made it even better with “face-to-face” meetings across continents and countries a matter of great ease.

As anyone in business is wont to say, “a big part of being in business is about trust”. Being able to look the person you are speaking or listening to in the eye goes a long way in building trust and rapport. In any meeting, non-verbal communication is deemed as important as verbal communication. When you see a person on camera, you get a much better sense of what exactly the person is feeling when communicating than if you were to just hear a person on the phone.

Video conferencing is, therefore, the next best thing to having an across-the-table, face to face dialogue. It is ideal when an organisation has to conduct important meetings, especially across multiple locations; or say, when the business is conducting recruitment interviews of prospective candidates from a far-off location.

Benefits of video conferencing for businesses

It is not too difficult to understand why opting for a video conference for a ‘virtual’ meeting makes complete business sense. Let’s list some of these benefits.

– It saves enormous amount of travel overheads such as airline costs and hotel expenses. Imagine a meeting that involves 5 people each across 3 different locations, and you can work out the cost of a meeting, if it were to be held at a single location.

– It saves a lot of time by cutting down significantly on non-critical business travel. Senior executives would rather spend that time making important business decisions than spending unproductive man hours at airport lounges.

– Video conferencing helps save a lot of administrative overhead and logistical hassles. Arranging for travel and boarding for people scattered far and wide can be an administrative nightmare.

– Turning to video conferencing is certainly more environment-friendly as it serves to reduce the carbon footprint of an organisation by cutting down on travel. While it may not necessarily get listed as a CSR initiative, any small step taken by a business to reduce the carbon footprint is laudable.

Why use a third party video conferencing provider

An objection we have heard about telepresence and video conferencing is the degree of upfront investment that this requires. This is where a specialist office space provider  becomes really useful. Such a provider would have already invested in the requisite hardware and IT infrastructure, giving businesses the opportunity to stay lean and asset-lite. Secondly, businesses have the flexibility to just book a video conference facility as and when they need it. Quite simply, pay as you go!

Another factor to consider is that many companies in a city like Mumbai operate out of small offices. Having a separate meeting or conference room itself is a luxury, let alone having video conferencing facilities.

Thanks to the availability of third-party providers, businesses just have to think: Why buy when you can rent?

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