Why a great office is a smart business tool

Though the nature of the modern workplace continues to evolve rapidly, the effect of the physical office on business outcomes is quite well-researched and documented. Even though some professional stock investors have tried to draw an inverse correlation between a company’s spending on its office and its attractiveness as a stock-pick, there is growing evidence to suggest that the quality of an office can contribute significantly to a company’s business performance.

In fact, according to an article in the Harvard Business Review, “Smart companies understand that workspaces are a business tool. An office environment reflects and reinforces a business’s core values, through the placement of different teams and functions and design elements that reflect culture, brand, and values.” 

A great office environment- which includes both the physical setting of the office as well as the vibes that emanate from the interaction amongst the people- can be a strategic  differentiator for businesses. This is especially true for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who often tend to face greater challenges with employee attrition. Therefore, the choice of an office setting is an extremely crucial decision that needs to be made from right at the top and should be an important priority for business leaders.  “Making efforts to provide a pleasant working environment for employees should be at the top of every business leader’s priorities. It can affect turnover rates, productivity and, ultimately, profits,” points out this article.

The characteristics of a great office

It is not too difficult to understand what makes for a great office, as we all have our own ideas of the kind of office that we’d love to go to work in. Even though the exact design concept may be a highly personal choice depending on our own personality type, there are a quite a few parameters that we could deem more or less universal preferences. Let’s have a quick recap of the factors that we should consider when looking to rent office space.


As with anything to do with property, location is a very important consideration. As a business, you want to be able to hire and retain good talent. It makes sense to find a place where you are likely to get a continuous pool of good-quality talent. For example, our business centre at Andheri is located with in a few kilometres of several reputed educational institutions and is therefore a captive source for fresh talent; as they say, when talent meets opportunity, great things happen! 

The other key consideration for an office location is the transport and access to the office. Proximity to a railway station or major bus hub that provides easy connectivity to different parts of the city really yields rich dividends for the business, as there is a direct correlation with employee productivity.  Companies who have leased office space at both our business centres in Lower Parel and Andheri have consistently expressed the value of our location and closeness to railway stations.

The exteriors

First impressions matter! When potential customers or staff enter your office complex, the first impressions of the office building go a long way in forming a perception about your company.

An impressive facade and reception area that is welcoming definitely increases the odds on a prospect wanting to do business with you or a potential recruit taking up a job offer.

The interiors and aesthetics

Wouldn’t you want the nerve centre of your operations to be pleasing to the senses? Whether it is in the layout and arrangement of the workstations or the colour of the walls or the flooring, every minute detail has a bearing on the overall look and feel of the office.

A spacious-looking (yes, even a relatively small office can be made to look quite spacious with some smart office interior planning), uncluttered office automatically generates a positive vibe in the office.

Along similar lines, the office layout has to take into account the values and culture that the company wants to propagate. While open-plan offices are quite in vogue these days, especially in start-ups and co-working office spaces, there should ideally be a balance between openness and privacy so that it makes different types of people comfortable.

We recognise the value of an aesthetically-done office and hence have taken special care to ensure that even the smallest of our private offices for rent in-terms of space are tastefully done. Even for clients who prefer to lease unfurnished office space and customise it for their requirements, our workspace consultants work closely with them to offer a solution that perfectly balances form and function.

Quality and comfort

The quality of individual workstations is a very important factor in getting the best of a team member. The personal work space available to an individual and the comfort it provides goes a long way in telling the employee that he or she really matters to the organisation.

This sense of being respected is a great intrinsic motivator that will benefit any enterprise.

Natural light and ventilation

A naturally well-lit and ventilated office has been shown by numerous workplace studies to be significantly more productive than one that is dimly lit and doesn’t offer much scope for employees to get fresh air.

Mumbai, with its well-known space constraints, does have its share of rather ‘dingy’ offices that can make some people claustrophobic. Yet, many of the modern business centres that take a truly professional approach to workspace design, based on loads of data and research on what really works for businesses, address this aspect.

So, don’t settle for a dingy office when there is an abundant choice of high-quality, modern offices available!

Collaboration opportunities

A great office location is one where people really enjoy coming to work.  A big part of that is the opportunity to connect with people, collaborate and make new friendships that enrich themselves both professionally and personally.

As you make a decision to rent an office, do evaluate whether the place you are moving to provides such opportunities. In our experience working with hundreds of tenants from diverse sectors across our different business centres, it will be well worth it!

Ofice design matters

As we highlighted earlier, there are directly measurable benefits of providing a high-quality workspace to your employees. The HBR article we mentioned earlier in fact emphasises the need for business leaders to “approach workplace design in a strategic way”. 

If you are looking to rent an unfurnished office and customise it, then the factors mentioned by the HBR article and captured in this image below should be given due consideration.

Image courtesy: Harvard Business Review

Research also shows that office seating arrangements should be given a lot of thought to, as a better seating arrangement boosts office productivity.

These tips on office design for a more engaged workplace will also be quite useful to any business that strongly believes in the mantra that people are the greatest asset of a business.

Are you looking for a smart and cost-effective solution to your office space needs? From unfurnished office space lease to private office space, coworking facilities and even virtual offices in Mumbai, we offer a solution that will be just right for you. Contact us with your requirements or speak to one of our workplace consultants today, and let’s get you moving into an office that you’ll love!

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